Hey, thanks for stopping by Jingjie's place on the Internet. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, advised by Prof. Younghyun Kim and Prof. Kassem Fawaz :).

My research focuses on various aspects of human-centered computing: I design usable, sustainable, and privacy-aware interfaces for smart device users. I started my exploration from affective computing during my bachelor study. Now in Madison, I have been working on a series of projects including user authentication, user privacy of interactive systems, and usable privacy communication. I also work with brilliant folks here to design power-efficient computing systems. I am happy to learn and apply a wide spectrum of skills in HW/SW design, machine learning, quantitative and qualitative methods (and more!) to solve practical problems through these projects. (For more information, please refer to my CV.)

I enjoy building tangible gadgets that would make our lives more fun to exhaust the daydreams hoarded up during the Wisconsin winter.


Research Experience

Research Focus


Highlighted Projects

  • Kalεido: Real-Time Privacy Control for Eye-Tracking Systems
  • Jingjie Li, Amrita Roy Chowdhury, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim (USENIX Sec'21)
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  • Kalεido provides privacy for streaming eye gaze data in real-time by local differential privacy. We implement Kalεido in Unity, which acts as an tunable intermediary privacy control knob for various eye-tracking systems including mixed reality.

  • Velody: Nonlinear Vibration Challenge-Response for Resilient User Authentication
  • Jingjie Li, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim (ACM CCS'19)
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  • Velody is a biometric user authentication that leverages nonlinear vibration challenge-response. By updating the unique and complex nonlinear challenge-responses used in authentication, Velody thawrts the threats from reusing/modelling static biometrics.